My purpose for this blog.

I wanted to share my ideas on a small website away from the judgement of social media, so here i can explain what I believe with no one calling me out on how i'm wrong, to be honest social media is designed like a laughing stalk for the weak and the social life of the great. No real between answer witch makes it hard for unpopular people to express there ideas, witch puts a lot of people down thats why i disapprove of social media. Also i have heard from more than 1 people that these help your mental health, i'm starting to send the link to people, So they can check it out and give me tips to improve my design.


My Main goals... I don't want to be popular i want to find people who share the same ideas, people who can listen to me without any negative comments towards me. my goals are that people who choose to listen to what i have to say can kindly say they disagree with me, instead of putting me down because of the ideas i share here that is my hopes for the future of this blog.

This is my first try to make my voice heard, so expect mess ups i know i will, to make a mistake is okay its a mistake not to try am i right? So how to explain why i'm doing this i'm just test my skills to make my own creation, to shape my own image, and express my ideas so in this info

                                                                              page i declare the official start of my                                                                                    blog, war is not started it is said in our                                                                                every day life's. it is done when we                                                                                      start a negative conversation. so today i                                                                                declare peace with my own thoughts, So                                                                                Enjoy my draft failure whatever because                                                                                i'm already here!

This is my first try at a blog.

Thank you to any supporters, ill keep on trying my best and making blogs.